Friday, January 27, 2006

Borgen Project

Last night I attended the Borgen Project's Prefunk for Poverty. A nice, informal gathering at Pies & Pints in Roosevelt. The Borgen Project is a small, local & pretty new (2003) non-profit--their focus is Poverty Reduction Through Political Accountability.
I met one of their volunteers at an event last year & when I saw the Prefunk for Poverty I knew it would be a great place to meet others concerned with issues of hunger & poverty & to do some networking. I posted the Prefunk on the blog I administer for Heifer volunteers & a newly interested volunteer came to the pub & brought a friend.
When thinking & working in the realm of ending hunger & poverty, there are definitely times of discouragement. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed & get depressed by the statistics & wonder how I can possibly make a difference. And then I go to gatherings like the Prefunk for Poverty & remember why there is hope & why this work is so important. I sat for over two hours last night & talked with others who are all concerned about the same issues & working to find sustainable solutions. It was incredible to listen to the goals & struggles of an emerging non-profit like the Borgen Project (& straight from the mouth of the creator & president no less!)

As only one person, I can do very little. But joined together with countless of others, there's strength & hope & the power to change the world. That sounds corny, but it's true.

For any interested:
Prefunk for Poverty
Thursday, February 23rd, 6-8pm-- and every fourth Thursday of the month
Pies & Pints in Roosevelt
(yummy, cheap food)
They are also having a fundraiser on March 5th at Chopsticks, the dueling piano bar on lower Queen Anne. It promises to be quite an entertaining night!


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