Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Personal Goals?

My thoughts today took me in the direction of setting goals...suppose I made a different goal every week (or at least every month) to try out simple lifestyle changes & to attempt positive change in the world around me? Here are a few I thought of:

--for one week attempt to throw away as little trash a possible (i.e. don't use disposable items, don't buy things with excessive packaging, etc)
--for one week eat local food as much as possible. I think this one would be much easier in the summer & fall, with the incredible abundance offered by local farmer's markets
--one day, stop & talk to one of the many homeless people on the streets of downtown Seattle. On my way to & from work, I pass many of the same homeless people asking for money & we often smile & exchange greetings, but have never had a conversation. I would like to find out their name, a little bit about them & why they are homeless, their hobbies & hopes.
--for one week ride my bike everywhere I need to go. To work, to the store, to my friends', etc. This may be one of the biggest challenges yet!

Please share if you have any goals for changing the world, starting with our little corner of it!


Blogger Bree said...

Hey Eliza! What great goals. Your heart is beautiful and your desire to see the world made better is truly inspiring. I wish you well as you seek to "Be the Change."

1:55 PM  

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