Thursday, January 19, 2006

loving our neighbors

Thank you, Eliza, for expressing your hopes and convictions, for commiting yourself to actions beyond thoughts and ideas. Thank you, too, for inviting co-ownership of this blog, and in so doing, inviting all of us to participate with you in taking small steps toward positive change--in our own hearts, in our own homes, in our communities and beyond. I love the idea of posting our thoughts and experiences (which will inevitably include successes and failures) here for ongoing encouragement.

Kyle and I are working on getting to know our neighbors. Not just their names and what they do for a living...but taking small steps to share life with them in practical and friendly ways. Borrowing and lending tools (and ingredients for baked goods), taking the time to say hello or go over and talk if we see them out in the yard. Sometimes we are surprised by how much courage this takes for us (though I am admittedly much more shy than Kyle when it comes to this sort of thing). I've noticed that kids do this naturally and wonderfully, and have no shame about asking your name if they've forgotten it (like we do, thinking, of course that we must be perfect and witty, wonderfully conversational, and never, NEVER awkward!) Having our pup Grover has opened up many new opportunities for connecting with our neighbors, which has been great. This is one area we are trying to grow in!


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